All Reptiles are cold blooded and therefore their enclosure requires some form of heating. This is normally done through the use of Heat Lights or Heat Mats. Heat rocks are not recommended as they can become quite hot and being that they are in direct contact with your reptile can burn the skin. Heat bulbs and mats vary in wattage. The higher the wattage the more heat produced. Keep in mind you are not trying to heat the whole enclosure just a section of the enclosure. A basking shelf or branch 15 to 30cm from your heat light is an easy solution. Fix your light to one side of the reptile enclosure This will allow a cooler spot in your enclosure. Always use heat light cages for snakes or if you think that your lizard will come into contact with the bulb.

UV Lighting

UV lights replicate the suns ultra violet rays and are essential for most lizards snakes. Snakes may require so research or ask first. I can not en thesis enough how important Reptile UV Lights are for reptiles that require and depend on the sun for vitamin D. These bulbs have a few different UV ratings and are designed for use with different species. If you can expose your reptile to natural sunlight for a few hours a day you will save money on electricity and have a lot healthier and stronger reptile. 1 hour of natural sunlight is roughly equivalent to 7 hours under UVB bulb. Be vary weary of what you put your reptile in outside. Glass and plastic tubs with inadequate ventilation can quickly form an oven and cook it in minutes.
Follow this link to read one of the best UVB lighting articles I have read.
“Reptile and amphibian lighting from a natural-history perspective.
By Shane Bagnall.”
Read it and make up your own mind weather all reptiles benefit from UVB lighting.