Choosing a Reptile Enclosures
After you have researched and decided what reptiles you are going to purchase. You will need a suitable enclosure and one that best suits your its natural habits example Climbing, Running, Swimming. With a few exceptions I can’t see the point of owning an amazing looking critter and then sticking in a tiny tub box or tank. The enjoyment of being able to sit down and watch your snake or lizard move freely around thier enclosure is very limited. To save constant upgrading choose an enclosure that is going to be an reasonable size for at least a couple of years. Healthy reptiles can grow fast and a small enclosure can fast become inadequate. You don’t have to over do it for baby reptiles as a smaller enclosure will make them fell more sercure and will house them happly for a number of years.

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Food and Vitamins
Foods and Vitamins

*Information given about reptile care is in our opinion and is gathered through years of experience and by confiding in herpetologists and other relevant sources. Our opinion may not be the same as other reptile keepers. References are taken from the Department of Environment and Resource Management Code of Practice which is in accordance with section 174a of the Nature Conservation Act 1992.